Shipping Policy

⚠️ COVID-19 changes

We will no longer be accepting orders internationally, or selling large prints. Please refer to our other storefronts on the About Us page for more products and shipping options. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Shipping Time

Items will ship out within 30 calendar days unless otherwise stated.

tracking is provided for:

If an untracked item fails to reach the customer after 90 business days after postage, we will assume that item to be lost, and we will do our best to send another package or simply issue a refund.

No refunds or exchanges are offered after the item(s) have been shipped. Cancellation of the order must be made prior to shipping.

Juby Goods is not responsible for errors made in the submitted shipping address, including the recipient's name. (Please do not use pseudonyms and make sure the recipient's name is legally registered to the place of residence)

If the item is undeliverable due to faulty addressing, it is up to the consumer to pay a secondary shipping price to have the item sent again.

OR the consumer may request for a refund but it would exclude the initial shipping/handling fee.